Atyopsis moluccensis/spinipes sp

aka the Asian Filter/Wood/Fan/Bamboo Shrimp

There are two species of Atyopsis Asian species; Atyopsis moluccensis and Atyopsis spinipes.
It is hard to see the difference between these two.
This shrimp grows to approx. 8-10 cm and needs acidic conditions (lower pH levels)
Since it is a filter feeding shrimp it needs a stronger water current to be able to catch microorganinsms/zoo-spores with its chelae, fan like filters. And therefore power-heads should be used to create a good water flow.
Fan shrimp should never be added into newly established set-ups. It prefers aged aquariums with well developed microorganisms this shrimp feed on. If there is enough food (good water current) this shrimp will develop strong red coloration and the back line will develop a gold-yellow color.
Weekly water changes are very important for all shrimps, and one should try to do 30-50% WC, using dechlorinators. Replaced water should have the same temperature as the one in the tank.
It is very good using Active Carbon in shrimp tanks to remove the organic build-up which can harm shrimps.

Sex difference;
Males have a very strong pair of front legs. Females carapace extends down over the pleopods to accommodate the eggs.

Photos (a female) by Dusko Bojic.